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Space Cycler – Sung Liwen Download Free

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Space Cycler – Sung Liwen Free Download

Sung Liwen - Space Cycler  artwork Space Cycler
Sung Liwen
Genre: Games
Price: $ 1.99
Release Date: January 10, 2018

A super fun tunnel space shooter that comes with exciting co-op gameplay. Don’t miss out!
—– Awards —–
◆ Winner of Jury’s Honorable Mention at IMGA China 2017
◆ Winner of Best Game Design at Kaohsiung Indie Game Festival 2016
◆ Selected Exhibitor at the Tokyo Game Show 2015 Indie Game Area sponsored by Sony PlayStation

—– About the Game —–

Aliens have conquered our planet. Only the bravest pilot can fly deep into enemy territory to attack. Fight side-by-side with your friends, piloting your space fighter to eliminate alien invaders!

—– Game Features —–

◆ A unique “tunnel shooter” experience!
Space Cycler is a retro space shooter with nostalgic circular rail-shooter gameplay. You control a space fighter flying at high speeds through a tunnel while facing incoming enemies.

◆ Co-op for double the fun!
Play with your friends on the same device in co-op mode. The players each control a fighter and must coordinate to defeat the enemy.

◆ Save your teammate!
In co-op mode you can save a teammate who is on the verge of death and bring him or her back to the battlefield. However, your fighters might collide, so be careful!

◆ Play single-handedly!
The game is designed to be played with one hand. Just move the horizontal slide bar left and right, sit back, and enjoy.

◆ 3 space fighters and 3 ultimate attacks!
The game includes 3 types of fighters, and each one comes with different weapons and ultimate attacks!

◆ 5 main levels and 10 boss fights!
The game has 5 main levels that include enemies and bosses with various attacks, making this more than just another shoot 'em up game.

◆ Global and friend leaderboard!
Space Cycler supports the iOS Game Center leaderboard and achievement system. Log in to your account and compete with your friends and players around the world to see who is better.

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